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The first tranche of City Deal

On 28 January 2015, the Executive Board agreed the prioritised City Deal Programme for 2015-2020. The decision of the Executive Board is based upon the deliverability of the schemes within the 5 year timeframe and the economic growth benefits they bring to the area.

The agreed areas for concentration during the first 5 years, taken from the initial indicative list below, are as follows:

  • Milton Road bus priority
  • Madingley Road bus priority
  • Histon Road bus priority
  • A428 to M11 segregated bus route/A428 corridor Park & Ride
  • City Centre capacity improvements/cross-city cycle improvements
  • A1307 corridor to include bus priority/A1307 additional Park & Ride
  • Chisholm Trail cycle links/Chisholm Trail bridge
  • Year 1-5 reserve scheme development
  • Years 6-10 programme development
  • Programme management and early scheme development

The programme is in the early stages of development, therefore specific details for each scheme are not yet available. Detail on these will become available over time as further work is undertaken. 

Full public and stakeholder consultation on individual schemes will take place once the programme has been agreed.

The initial indicative list

The indicative City Deal programme was taken from the adopted Transport Strategy for Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire, which shows the schemes that are considered to be needed in order to bring forward significant jobs and housing growth. This list went to the Executive Board to take priorities for the first 5 years of funding.

The map below shows the indicative City Deal investment package.

City Deal investment package

M11 junction concepts

in June 2015 the City Deal Board asked officers to look at high level ideas for the M11 junctions 11 & 13.  The following report sets out some high-level concepts.  This work will contribute towards other emerging City Deal projects, such as the A428 & A1303 and Western Orbital.

Consultations: have your say

All schemes and projects will be consulted upon in detail.

Individuals or group representatives are welcome to attend and ask questions at City Deal meetings. If you wish to do so, please contact Democratic Services at South Cambridgeshire District Council in order to be added to the agenda. They can be reached at or 03450 450 500.

If you are interested in being contacted about consultations or receive regular updates about the City Deal then please contact us with your details.

Local Liaison Fora

Local Liaison Fora (LLF) are being established to meet on a regular basis to exchange information and discuss planned improvements. More information, terms of reference and information about ongoing LLFs is available on the Local Liaison Fora page.