Cambridge Science Park Railway Station

Cambridge Science Park Station will be a new railway station in the north of Cambridge, which will provide links to transport routes for cyclists, pedestrians and bus users.

The station will be built in the area of Chesterton sidings, close to the Science Park, St John's Innovation Centre and Cambridge Business park.

The railway station will provide a boost for the local economy and will kick start development and the creation of jobs by improving accessibility and journey times.

Planning application

To view the plans please visit the planning application site.

The plans were recommended for approval at a meeting of Joint Development Control planning committee on 18 December 2013.

The scheme will include:

  • a new station building, platforms, and other rail infrastructure to be used by around 3,000 passengers a day
  • the extension of the Busway from Milton Road to the station, as well as linking to the new town of Northstowe
  • public space, pedestrian and cycle access routes
  • cycle parking for 1000 cycles
  • a taxi drop-off and pick-up area
  • a 450 space car park with disabled and short stay parking.

The new station building will have a green roof and use solar panels to generate electricity.

90% of respondents supported the proposal in principle. The Council will now be able to move onto the construction phase of the project which is expected to open in December 2015.


The consultation for the station was carried out in November 2012 and had nearly 1300 replies.

For detailed results please view the Cambridge Science Park Railway Station consultation results.doc (1533Kb).

The results highlight a number of issues and queries that people had about the new railway station.

The responses to most frequently asked questions are available in the following documents:

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Before any construction work can begin the scheme is subject to the full planning application and orders process.

Network Rail is likely to be able to use their permitted development rights for the necessary railway works.

A planning application will be required for the other items such as the station building, parking areas and access routes.

Key events

The timescales given below are indicative and may be subject to change:

  • November 2012 - Public consultation
  • Early 2013 - Franchise negotiations with Department for Transport
  • Summer 2013 - Planning Application submitted
  • Autumn 2012 - Summer 2013 - Outline design
  • Autumn 2013 - Planning application determined
  • Autumn 2013 - Spring 2014 - Detailed design
  • Summer 2014 - Earliest possible time for start of construction
  • Winter 2015/16 - Earliest possible time for scheme opening

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To fund the new Cambridge Science Park Station the County Council has decided to borrow the money to invest. The train companies will then repay the Council through their contracts to run the trains.

Detailed analysis by the Council has shown that the income from the extra passengers using the railway station will comfortably exceed the costs of building the station.

The Council will then be able to recover the money invested and in the meantime residents of Cambridgeshire will benefit from the economic growth.

The scheme will be delivered by the County Council together with Network Rail and then operated by Network Rail and the train operators.

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Why is a new station needed?

The new railway station will provide access to the rail network from the north Cambridge area without needing to travel through the city centre.

It will include connection facilities for public transport, such as the Busway.

Therefore it will also make the station accessible for those living in Huntingdon, St Ives, Swavesey and Histon, as well as providing a rapid link for the new Northstowe development.

It will give people an opportunity to take the train to the north Cambridge area and avoid driving along the congested A14 and A10.

The station will provide a much needed link to one of Cambridge's main business areas, including the Science Park, St John's Innovation Centre and Cambridge Business Park.

This will make the north Cambridge area an even more attractive place for businesses to grow and locate, helping boost the local economy.

Scheme objectives: - what do we want to achieve?

  • Provide for economic growth by improving the accessibility to the Science, Business and Innovation parks by rail.
  • Increase greener travel to help cater for growth in housing and business developments in the area.
  • Reduce and manage congestion in north Cambridge, on the A14, the M11 and on the A10 north of Cambridge, by transfer of road trips to rail, bus and bicycle.
  • Help to manage the congestion in Cambridge city centre by reducing the number of vehicles accessing the main Cambridge Station.
  • Improve air quality through a reduction in traffic congestion.
  • Improve accessibility to jobs, education, healthcare etc.

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