Dry January 2018

Dry January 2018, National Campaign Information Page

 The national Dry January Campaign operates during January 2018 and people can join up anytime during January.

The campaign has 3 key messages:

  • Feel great
  • Save money
  • Make a difference

The Dry January Campaign is led by Alcohol Concern and is suitable for all ages 18 upwards and aims to raise awareness of making people healthier and happier through resetting their relationship with alcohol.

Over two thirds of people who attempt Dry January make it a whole month without drinking, with 70% continuing to maintain their changed behaviour and are still drinking less than they were six months later. People who try Dry January report benefits including better sleep, weight loss and money saved.

 Do you want to join Dry January and make a healthy start to the New Year?

To sign up and for more information, including the Dry January App download; please visit:


Useful websites in respect of further advice around alcohol include:

Our alcohol section of the Be Well Cambridgeshire website.




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