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Stay Stronger for Longer MOTs

A Stronger for Longer MOT is an informal conversation with a friendly, qualified fitness instructor to help you learn about your level of fitness to do everyday activities. You will be asked to do some quick and easy exercises which can be used to compare your level of fitness with people of a similar age . The results can be used to discuss how the different elements of fitness can improve your health and well-being and why strength, balance and coordination are important for independent living, mobility and to be able to continue to do the things you enjoy.

We found the fitness MOT very helpful in measuring things like how easily and quickly we could stand up from a chair, how well we could balance and how flexible we were in reaching. The MOT wasn’t threatening in any way and the staff were very encouraging and supportive. As a result we’ve joined a local strength and balance class which lasts for one hour once a week and which we’re really enjoying. The exercises we do are certainly helping our movement, balance and flexibility and are always tailored to what we can manage.”

Rex and Liz Collinson, Cottenham

Find your free Stay Stronger for Longer MOT near you below. To learn more about how strength and balance exercises help lots of people to keep doing he things they enjoy - for longer, visit 'Stay Stronger for Longer'.

South Cambridgeshire:

There are currently no MOTs scheduled. 

For further information on MOTs in South Cambridgeshire, contact Let's Get Moving Cambridgeshire (South Cambs District Council) or ring 01954 713294 .

Cambridge City:             

  • 30th May: Meadows Community Centre, 1pm - 2pm              

For further information on MOTs in Cambridge City, contact the Active Lifestyles Team or ring 01223 458612.


  • 3rd June: Wisbech Oasis Centre , 11am - 1pm
  • 5th June: Whittlesey Bowls Club, 10am - 12pm
  • 7th June: Tesco Community Room, Wisbech, 1.30pm - 3pm

For further information on MOTs in Fenland, contact Active Fenland or ring 01354 622498

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