Procurement for schools

Cambridgeshire County Council's Purchasing Advisory Service for Schools (PASS) works with schools to get the best value for money when buying goods and services, helping to free up funds for curriculum delivery. The principle aim of the service is to enable schools to purchase effectively, efficiently and achieve value for money.

PASS is happy to assist schools in running any kind of procurement exercise, offering support, analytic tools and advice throughout the process.

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Newsletters and alerts

To keep schools informed of current developments PASS produces a regular newsletter entitled 'Purchasing Matters'. It can also send alerts and updates directly via the school's newsletter or through the post.

Procurement advice for schools

PASS provides first level advice to school personnel on any procurement issues that they may have. It can support individual schools by advising on:

  • contract regulations
  • preparing specifications and awarding criteria
  • tender procedures and preparation
  • achieving best value
  • best purchasing practice
  • contract management
  • sourcing suppliers goods and services

Contract regulations

  • Up to £5,000 - One oral quote (confirmation in writing where the Total Value exceeds £500).
  • £5,000.01 - £30,000 - Three written quotes to a purchaser specification.
  • £30,000.01 - £75,000 - Formal Invitation to Tender, including specification to at least four Candidates. No need to advertise. Selection to be approved by Governing Body.
  • £75,000.01 - EU Threshold - Formal Invitation to Tender, as above, to 4 Candidates selected after advertisement.
  • Above EU Threshold - EU Procedure.

PASS has a range of corporate contracts produced by the County Council's Procurement & Contract Management team. Schools are free to use these contracts.


Academies are welcome to subscribe to the Purchasing Advisory Service for Schools (the fee is negligible). To find out more go to the County Council's Service For Schools website.