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Join the February 2019 Cambridgeshire Energy Switch 

The Cambridgeshire Energy Switch is a scheme where residents can sign up to receive cheaper energy tariffs. Many people are paying too much for their gas and electricity and haven’t changed suppliers in years, if at all. Join the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch scheme today to see if you can secure a better energy deal for the year ahead.

Over 500 households signed up through Cambridgeshire County Council for the last auction that took place in October 2018. Those who chose to accept their offers were able to save an average of £121.83 per year without changing their energy usage. 

Taking part in the Cambridgeshire Energy Switch is free and without obligation. The more people that participate in the scheme, the more likely people will be able to achieve cheaper energy prices and better deals. Registering for the scheme only takes five minutes. The energy tariff offer is exclusive to residents switching through the scheme.

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through the Big Community Switch website

The Cambridgeshire Energy Switch online energy auction was held on 12 February 2019. More than 28,000 people took part in the successful auction. The winners are:

  • Dual fuel online: winner is Octopus
  • Elec-only online: winner is E.on
  • Dual fuel paper: winner is  E.on
  • Elec-only paper: winner is  E.on
  • Pre Payment Meter - E.on
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Cambridgeshire County Council has partnered with iChoosr the UK’s leading expert in collective energy switching, to deliver bespoke and highly competitive energy tariffs. 

From 25 February 2019, those who took part will receive your personal offer which shows how much money they could save by switching. You will have until 26 March 2019 to decide if you want to accept this offer. If you don’t want to switch, that’s no problem. If you do, iChoosr - the UK's leading expert in energy switching, will take care of the entire switching process for you.

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