In Cambridgeshire the County Council has the opportunity to develop local energy infrastructure and to secure local energy supplies. This helps the region to cushion itself from rising energy prices, contribute towards carbon reduction targets, support the local economy and generate new jobs.

The council recognises that the cost of energy to run businesses and provide services for residents is a growing concern and affects the local economy.

Traditional energy supplies of oil, gas and electricity are becoming increasingly less secure and more expensive. Rising energy costs are due to global demand and this is creating competition to secure affordable energy from abroad.

Currently the UK depends on the global energy market for approximately 40% of its gas and oil and this dependence is growing. Old UK nuclear power stations are being decommissioned and coal power stations shutting in the next couple of years before suitable alternatives and new nuclear programmes are in place.

Mobilising Local Energy Investment (MLEI) is an ambitious project with the aim of attracting more energy investment and infrastructure delivery into Cambridgeshire.

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Action on energy

Cambridgeshire local authorities are working with a nationally approved Green Deal provider,  climate energy, to promote the Government scheme to help householders make their homes more energy efficient. For more information go to the Action on Energy website.

SmartLife Retrofit for Business 

A project working with Fenland District Council, Luminus Housing Association and Anglia Ruskin University to retrofit social housing in Wisbech. The council will use the learning from this process to work with tenants and to support businesses to get more involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy retrofit. 

Collective switching

The Cambridgeshire Energy Switch scheme is uses the collective bargaining power of residents to bid for better prices for electricity and gas to save money.  There will be opportunities for residents to join the scheme throughout 2014 in February, May and September when energy suppliers are given an opportunity to offer this collective group of residents a deal to provide their electricity and gas. The more residents that sign up the better. There is no obligation to accept an offer from companies and the service is free of charge. To sign up or find our more information visit Cambridgeshire Energy Switch.

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