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Making Assets Count Partnership

The Making Assets Count Partnership (MAC) is a programme that brings together several Cambridgeshire public sector organisations in a partnership that aims to use their combined property portfolio more effectively.

The MAC Partnership's key objectives are to deliver better public services for communities and to reduce the cost of property occupation. For further information see Making Assets Count partnership objectives.

Making Assets Count Objectives

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As part of MAC's early work to assess our properties, partners collaborated to produce an easily accessible public asset map below.


The MAC Partnership is made up of the following public sector organisations:

Other public sector partners involved in the MAC Partnership include town and city councils, Jobcentre PlusEast of England Local Government Association and Government Property Unit. In addition, the voluntary sector is represented on the Partnership.


A regular MAC Newsletter provides updates and news from the programme.

Autumn Newsletter 2016

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Spring Newsletter 2016

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Autumn Newsletter 2015

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Winter Newsletter 2014-15

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Autumn Newsletter 2014

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Spring Newsletter 2014

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Some of the many achievements that have been made by the MAC Partnership include:

  • Co-location of the County Council's Adult Day Service into St Ives Police Station in June 2014
  • Shared office arrangements for the County Council's Supporting Businesses and Community Service in South Cambridgeshire Hall in February 2014
  • Creation of the Chatteris Community Hub, which hosts Chatteris Library and Fenland District Council's 'One Stop Shop' services in August 2013
  • Winning the Association of Chief Estates Surveyors (ACES) Award for excellence in property management in November 2012

Current projects

The MAC partnership is undertaking a series of projects to deliver its objectives, such as co-location projects, joint service delivery projects and exploring innovative project delivery mechanisms.

Operation depots

MAC is assessing partners' depots across Cambridgeshire, to determine how we can best deliver our depot services through joint-working. Examples include a current Joint Waste Hub project and a proposed Joint Highways Depot project.

Case study - Shared Waste, Waterbeach

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Surplus and vacant properties

Any underused or vacant properties owned by our partners are being identified for rationalisation. This could take the form, for example, of grouping partners together into shared properties or redeveloping properties to increase their benefits. Examples are a rationalisation project in March and various projects to increase partners' presence in community hubs.

Processes and tools

The systems, tools and processes used by MAC partners for asset management have been reviewed and improvements proposed, as is detailed in the Cambridgeshire Asset Management Strategy. Examples include the Memorandum of Terms of Occupation (MOTO), and the Disposal and Acquisition Code of Practice, which have developed and endorsed by MAC partner organisations.

Governance and management

MAC is governed by a Programme Board, which has representation from all the main partners listed above. A Members Reference Group steers and inputs to the programme, and is made up of Councillors and other key representatives from partner organisations.

MAC is managed by a programme team comprising a Programme Manager and a Project Manager. Projects are delivered by District Project Boards and/or specially formed Project Teams. In the first instance, any enquiries about MAC should be made to the MAC Team.

Production of the Cambridgeshire Public Sector Asset Management Strategy in 2011

Asset Management Strategy 2011-2021

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