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Under Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, the County Council investigates flood incidents that meet the threshold set out in the Cambridgeshire Flood Risk Management Strategy. These are:

  • Where there is internal flooding of one property (not including gardens or garages) on more than one occasion.
  • Where there is internal flooding of five or more properties (not including gardens or garages) in a single event. These properties must be situated in close proximity to each other (meaning they have been flooded from the same source or interaction of sources).
  • Where flooding significantly affects the external premises of one or more properties.
  • Where flooding on public roads significantly disrupts the flow of traffic.
  • Where the failure of a significant flood asset has been reported.

Flood investigations

Bar Hill flood investigation

Size: 249.02 KB File format: pdf

Barrington flood investigation

Size: 163.02 KB File format: pdf

Caldecote Flood Investigation Report

Size: 160.46 KB File format: pdf

Doddington flood investigation

Size: 349.96 KB File format: pdf

Oakington flood investigation

Size: 297.42 KB File format: pdf

Oakington Property Level Protection Scheme

Size: 504.63 KB File format: pdf

Kimbolton flood investigation

Size: 344.88 KB File format: pdf

Longstanton flood investigation

Size: 571.01 KB File format: pdf

March flood investigation

Size: 937.03 KB File format: pdf

Meldreth flood investigation

Size: 334.32 KB File format: pdf

Newmarket flood investigation

Size: 407.74 KB File format: pdf

Stibbington flood investigation

Size: 351.33 KB File format: pdf

Stretham flood investigation

Size: 341.54 KB File format: pdf

Waterbeach flood investigation

Size: 413.60 KB File format: pdf

Asset management

The Flood and Water Management Act (FWMA) 2010 gives the County Council the duty to maintain a register of structures or features which (in the opinion of the council) are likely to have a significant effect on flood risk in its area.

Information on flood asset data request procedure

We are now able to provide historical flood information and flood asset data from our system, as follows:

  • Flood investigation reports (locations of recorded incidents), source: CCC internal data
  • Flood risk enforcements reports (locations of recorded incidents), source: CCC internal data
  • Ordinary watercourse consent (locations of consents issued), source: CCC internal data
  • Pre-application discussions for Ordinary watercourse consent (locations of proposed works), source: CCC internal data
  • Flood assets within the area, source: data collected from various Risk Management Authorities
  • Updated wet spots from a county-wide Surface Water Management Plan.

Data contained in the report has been collected from various sources including third party organisations, hence it may contain some errors.

Cambridgeshire County Council cannot be held liable for any issues arising from the use of this data. The report provided is for information purposes. The customer understands that this information is used entirely at his/her own or organisation's risk.

Please note we charge an administration fee of £150 plus VAT (£180) for collating the information contained in the report.

We only accept cheques at the moment. Cheques should be sent to:

Cambridgeshire County Council
SH 1315
Shire Hall

For the attention of Harry Pickford, Flood and Water Management


If you need more information, please feel free to contact us: [email protected] 

The report will be provided as a PDF document with separate location maps for each of the above layers, if relevant to your query. It may take up to 3 weeks to provide a report.

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