Monitoring housing, business and renewable energy development

The County Council provides detailed information on the scale and location of new housing, business, retail and renewable energy development in the county. The main focus of the research is to provide important information that is needed in order to plan for the future development and growth of Cambridge. The research also enables the council to monitor the effectiveness of existing planning policies that are set out in the District local plans.

Housing, business, retail and renewable energy development statistics

Each year, a survey of development in the county is carried out. It involves checking the status of planning permissions for housing, business, retail and other types of development.

The survey is carried out in co-operation with the district councils. The results of the survey are used in statistical returns to central government and used in monitoring reports to help us with planning for the future. The following information is based on data that was collected with a nominal survey date of 31 March 2016.


Business statistics

Retail statistics

Renewable energy statistics