Block Fen/Langwood Fen master plan

The Block Fen/Langwood Fen Master Plan was adopted by Cambridgeshire County Council on 19 July 2011. Mineral extraction and waste management in the Block Fen/Langwood Fen area (near Mepal) will make a significant contribution to meeting the objectives of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Plan.

The development of these activities will also enable other very important strategic objectives to be achieved in the area - delivering more sustainable flood management in the Cranbrook/Counter Drain area and the creation of a significant amount of lowland wet grassland which will enhance the internationally important Ouse Washes.

Through the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy it is proposed that Block Fen/Langwood Fen will:

  • provide an annual average of 1.4 million tonnes per annum of sand and gravel from 2010 onwards
  • recycle around 240,000 tonnes per annum of inert waste
  • dispose of around 0.5 million tonnes per annum of inert construction waste (which will be used to create the new lowland wet grassland)
  • create strategic flood storage bodies with capacity of around 10 million m3
  • create around 480 hectares of enhancement lowland wet grassland immediately adjacent the Ouse Washes
  • provide for ancillary water storage and supply (or irrigation)
  • deliver a strategic recreation after use and navigational improvements through the sealing of the Forty Foot Drain

The Block Fen/Langwood Fen Master Plan will provide detailed guidance on the development of this area to supplement the policies in the Minerals and Waste Plan. This Master Plan provides additional guidance on:

  • the phasing and working of mineral reserves
  • waste recycling and disposal
  • enhancement habitat
  • water storage
  • recreation and leisure
  • traffic
  • sustainable use of soils
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Block Fen/Langwood Fen (Earith/Mepal) Background Papers

A number of background papers have been produced which have informed the preparation of the proposals for the Block Fen/Langwood Fen area.

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Environmental Agency July 2009
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