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Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council are in the process of reviewing their joint Minerals and Waste Development Plan. The current Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD) was adopted in 2011 and the Site Specific Proposals DPD was adopted in 2012. These two plans are being reviewed and a single joint Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) covering the two Authority areas is being produced.

Further Draft Plan

The councils recently consulted on the Further Draft Plan, the second of three rounds of public consultation which will be undertaken. The first (Preliminary Draft) consultation, which took place between May and June 2018, sought views on a range of issues and options, and on the approach the new Plan should take in guiding mineral and waste management development over the period to 2036. Following this consultation, the councils took all comments into consideration, and produced a Further Draft Plan. This Plan was also informed by a number of technical supporting documents.

Consultation closed - update

The consultation on the Further Draft Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Plan ran from 15 March to 9 May 2019. All representations which were duly made are available to view through the online consultation portal. All comments received will be considered by the councils and, where appropriate, incorporated into the Proposed Submission Local Plan, which is due to be published for consultation in November / December 2019.

The Councils also put together some summary slides which provide an overview of the Further Draft Plan. These set out the approach that is proposed in respect to the provision of mineral, the mineral spatial strategy and allocations; and the waste spatial strategy and criteria which will guide the location of waste management development. 

Summary Slides

March 2019

Size: 3.30 MB File format: pdf

The Further Draft Plan also includes a suite of draft policies to guide the determination of planning applications, and which cover detailed matters such as biodiversity, restoration, traffic and highways, and safeguarding.  

Information on the proposed mineral allocations can be found in Policy 2 of the Further Draft Plan and on the Policies Map; in the accompanying Site Assessments; and in the supporting paper Level of Provision and a Spatial Strategy for Minerals (March 2019).

No allocations are being proposed for waste management development over the plan period as the Plan area has, on the whole, sufficient capacity to manage the forecast waste arising. Therefore it is proposed that any new waste management development will be guided through a criteria based policy.

All proposed designations and allocations can be found on the Interactive Policies Map.

The Further Draft Plan is accompanied by supporting documents including a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report. This is a mandatory document which incorporates the requirements of the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations (2004). It sets out what the Councils think the main sustainability issues are, and puts forward a framework, including reasonable alternatives and sustainability objectives, by which the draft Plan is assessed. All supporting documents are listed, and can be downloaded, from the links below.  

Any comments you make as part of the consultations into the Minerals & Waste Local Plan will be made public as it is a statutory requirement to publish comments. We will publish these online. If you have any concerns then please contact us. The Councils will however remove personal email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers and signatures.

Your information will be retained by the Councils as part of our statutory plan making duty, until no later than six months after the Plan is adopted, at which point your information will be securely deleted / destroyed. We will consult you at subsequent stages of the Plan’s preparation to seek further comments from you and to keep you informed. If you do not wish to be contacted at subsequent stages of the Plan, please let us know using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Documents from the Further Draft Plan consultation (March to May 2019):

Sustainability Appraisal Report March 2019

Size: 1.56 MB File format: pdf

Statement of Common Ground Draft March 2019

Size: 547.85 KB File format: pdf

Habitats Regulations Assessment Report March 2019

Size: 1.17 MB File format: pdf

Evidence Reports for Policies 

Part 1 Policy Framework and Context

Size: 226.49 KB File format: pdf

Policy 1: Sustainable Development

Size: 213.03 KB File format: pdf

Policy 2: Providing for Mineral Extraction

Size: 187.96 KB File format: pdf

Policy 3: Waste Management Needs

Size: 195.00 KB File format: pdf

Policy 4: Providing for Waste Management

Size: 219.75 KB File format: pdf

Policy 5: Mineral Safeguarding Areas (MSAs)

Size: 203.55 KB File format: pdf

Policy 7: Borrowpits

Size: 206.23 KB File format: pdf

Policy 8: Recycled and Secondary Aggregates

Size: 200.38 KB File format: pdf

Policy 9: Reservoirs and Incidental Mineral Extraction

Size: 202.87 KB File format: pdf

Policy 10: Waste Management Areas (WMAs)

Size: 202.08 KB File format: pdf

Policy 11: Water Recycling Areas (WRAs)

Size: 203.19 KB File format: pdf

Policy 12: Radioactive and Nuclear Waste

Size: 197.85 KB File format: pdf

Policy 13: Landfill Mining and Reclamation

Size: 200.21 KB File format: pdf

Policy 14: Waste Management Needs arising

Size: 208.99 KB File format: pdf

Policy 15: Transport Infrastructure Areas (TIAs)

Size: 198.64 KB File format: pdf

Policy 16: Consultation Areas

Size: 208.68 KB File format: pdf

Policy 17: Design

Size: 207.33 KB File format: pdf

Policy 18: Amenity

Size: 202.74 KB File format: pdf

Policy 19: Restoration and Aftercare

Size: 210.81 KB File format: pdf

Policy 20: Biodiversity and Geodiversity

Size: 218.27 KB File format: pdf

Policy 21: Historic Environment

Size: 207.97 KB File format: pdf

Policy 22: Water Resources

Size: 210.21 KB File format: pdf

Policy 23: Traffic, Highways and Rights of Way

Size: 445.73 KB File format: pdf

Policy 24: Sustainable Use of Soils

Size: 211.98 KB File format: pdf

Policy 25: Aerodrome Safeguarding

Size: 199.62 KB File format: pdf

Waste Needs Assessment January 2019

Size: 1.02 MB File format: pdf

Mineral Safeguarding Areas Methodology January 2019

Size: 107.57 KB File format: pdf

Site Assessment Methodology January 2019

Size: 553.62 KB File format: pdf

Flood Risk Assessment Methodology January 2019

Size: 501.84 KB File format: pdf

Comments on Prelim Draft Evidence docs Jan 2019

Size: 502.46 KB File format: pdf

Equalities Impact Assessment March 2019

Size: 81.33 KB File format: pdf

Documents from the Preliminary Draft Plan consultation (May to June 2018)

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report May 2018

Size: 1.50 MB File format: pdf

Waste Needs Assessment May 2018

Size: 1.06 MB File format: pdf

Mineral Safeguarding Areas Methodology May 2018

Size: 245.68 KB File format: pdf

Site Assessment Methodology May 2018

Size: 571.46 KB File format: pdf

Flood Risk Assessment Methodology May 2018

Size: 519.64 KB File format: pdf

Local Development Scheme

In August 2017 both councils updated their respective Local Development Schemes (LDS), which set out the timetable for the production of the new Minerals and Waste Local Plan. The LDSs can be found following the links below (the timetable is the same in both documents).

Statement of Community Involvement

The councils have published Statements of Community Involvement (SCIs). These documents set out how and when each council will consult with people and organisations, and how you can get involved in the plan making process. The latest versions are available below, but please note that an SCI is periodically updated.

Being kept informed

If you would like to be kept informed of the progress of the new Minerals and Waste Local Plan, please send your contact details to the joint Minerals and Waste Team and we will add you to our consultation database. Please note that we will retain your information until no later than six months after the adoption of the new Plan, at which point your information will be securely deleted. If at any point after providing your contact details, you wish to change your mind then you should inform us using the details below:


Joint Minerals and Waste Planning Team

℅ Peterborough City Council
Town Hall
Bridge Street

email: [email protected]
tel: 01733 747474

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