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Planning, Minerals and Waste - Local Validation List consultation 2019

Consultation on the proposed 2019 revision of the Local Validation Guidance List and Local Validation Check List for planning applications for the County Council's own development and for waste development.

Local planning authorities are required to review their existing local validation lists at least every two years. Local validation lists set out what information should be submitted, to support planning applications submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council for its own development and waste development, to enable the planning authority to validate and register it. These are in addition to the national requirements, which require for example completion of an application form, certificates and a site location plan. The listing of the supplementary information assists consultees and other interested parties to understand and assess the proposal and is intended to provide clarity for applicants and agents.   

The Local Validation List was last reviewed in 2017. We have carried out an initial review of the list and guidance notes for 2019 as required and propose to revise them. Since the 2017 Local Validation List Review, both Cambridgeshire City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council have adopted new local plans. This has introduced the need within these areas for the submission of some additional information to enable applications to be fully considered in relation to the revised policies for example the consideration of public art and low emissions strategies in South Cambridgeshire District Council’s area. We are also proposing to extend the requirements relating to the submission of travel plans to all relevant developments, including relevant waste planning applications. We have updated documents and policy references where we are aware of revisions being published. We are also seeking to signpost more clearly the pre-application services that the County Council offers to assist applicants in achieving appropriate advice prior to submitting an application. 

We are consulting on the proposed draft revised documents. The consultation period is 6 weeks from 28 February 2019 until 11 April 2019.

How to comment

Please send all comments in writing ensuring that we receive them by the closing date of 11 April 2019 to:

County Planning, Minerals and Waste Team
Box No SH1315
Shire Hall
Castle Street

Alternatively, you can email [email protected]

All comments received by 11 April 2019 will be taken into consideration, summarised and reported together with the proposed finalised Local Validation List and the Local Validation Guidance List to the Council’s Planning Committee. We are working towards reporting to the Planning Committee of 16 May 2019.

If you have any questions about the consultation, please contact:

Tracy Rockall, Planning Officer - 01223 699 852 or [email protected]
Jack Millar, Planning Officer - 01223 703 851 or [email protected] 

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