Location and design of waste management facilities

The Location and Design of Waste Management Facilities Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted by Cambridgeshire County Council on 19 July 2011.

It will guide the location and design of waste management facilities in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and ensure high quality facilities in design and operation. The guide illustrates how these facilities can be developed in both urban and rural settings.

It also sets out a series of development principles based on recognised good planning and design practice which will:

  • encourage a more cooperative approach by all those involved in the design and development of waste management facilities
  • provide a good practice benchmark to guide sustainable developments and designs and to speed up the evaluation and approval of proposals
  • achieve the highest standards of design, in relation to integration, layout, access and environment, as well as making efficient use of materials

In terms of location the guide includes advice on:

  • previously developed land
  • siting
  • co-location of facilities
  • co-location with household recycling centres
  • temporary facilities

In terms of design the guide includes advice on:

  • character
  • built form
  • local distinctiveness
  • transport, access, parking and circulation
  • lighting
  • landscape and boundary treatments
  • noise
  • air quality
  • water
  • pest control
  • security
  • energy efficiency and sustainable construction
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