Minerals and Waste Plan Annual Monitoring Report

Cambridgeshire County Council is required to produce an Annual Monitoring Report to assess the effectiveness of its Minerals and Waste Plan.

Annual Monitoring Report

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The report includes an assessment of:

  • progress towards meeting the targets or milestones in local development documents, or, where they are or not on track and why
  • the impact the policies are having on national, regional and local targets and any other targets
  • whether the policies need adjusting or replacing because they are not working as it was intended or are not achieving sustainable development objectives
  • if policies or proposals do need changing, suggested actions to achieve this

Whenever a revision to the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (MWDS) is required - as a result of annual monitoring or other factors - the council will put this into effect and make the revised MWDS available for inspection and republish it. A copy will also be provided to all district councils within Cambridgeshire.

Minerals and Waste Development Scheme

Under the Government's Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004) there is a requirement for the council to prepare and maintain a Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (MWDS).

The MWDS is a public statement of the council's project programme for the next three years. It sets out a programme for preparing, monitoring and reviewing all local development documents that are contained within the MWDS.

The council published the first Minerals and Waste Development Scheme in 2005, which was revised in March 2006 and more recently 2009.

Since March 2009 work on the Minerals and Waste Local Development Framework has been completed and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Core Strategy and Site Specific Proposals Plan has been adopted, together with three supporting Supplementary Planning Documents.

The Local Development Scheme 2009  will be revised again when the council decides to prepare new or renew existing parts of the Local Development Framework. In the meantime it will continue to implement and monitor its existing policies.

Local Development Scheme


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