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Cambridgeshire County Council does not provide grants to businesses. For access to funding options and information and guidance to start, manage and improve your business go to the GOV.UK website.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are more likely to achieve their full potential - particularly during the start-up stage - if they use support services to assist with start-up, survival and growth.

More and more businesses look online first for business information as it saves time and money. Access to specialist resources, business networks and events (for sharing best practice) can be invaluable in enabling businesses of all sizes to respond to new challenges and opportunities. Cambridge Network has an up-to-date list of their members and the events run by them taking place in the Cambridge area. The University of Cambridge also organise talks and events and details of these can be found on their website.

Cambridgeshire has an active business networking culture and lots of support is available, from general business services to highly specialist niche networks. Although the council does not provide business support services directly, it helps to shape the business support strategy for the county and ensures its effective delivery.

More help and assistance is available to local businesses through Trading Standards (particularly with regard to trading law requirements, licensing and registrations) and advice on consumer issues.

The Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership has recently launched a campaign called 'Get Exporting'. It has been developed to provide businesses with the exporting guidance, support, inspiration and advice needed to help them grow. More information can be found about the campaign via http://www.gcgp.co.uk/get-exporting/

The latest business intelligence report, which contains general business intelligence gathered from a variety of sources (including local newspapers, online sites and government bulletins), over each calendar month, together with information on business expansions and closures in each of Cambridgeshire's districts, is available via the Cambridgeshire Insight website.

Guidance for businesses and employees on redundancies go to the GOV.UK website.

HMRC self employment advice

HMRC's interactive Tax Widget gives you quick, easy to use advice on everything you need to know about tax when becoming self-employed. The widget includes PDFs and videos from HMRC on a variety of topics to help you understand how to deal with tax when setting up a business. Each part of the widget is broken down into sections to allow you to get information that is relevant to the stage your business has reached.

HMRC business support programmes

Starting your own Business

HM Revenue & Customs provide a free e-learning tool that advises on the tax and National Insurance issues involved in starting your own business. It also covers other subject areas including registering your self employment, registering for VAT and record keeping. 

Selling goods or supplying services to other EU countries

HMRC's e-learning course will tell you how to keep records, deal with VAT and make additional returns.

Exporting goods to non-European countries

HMRC's e-learning course will explain the export process, commodity codes, record-keeping and more.

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