Cannabidiol (CBD) food guidance for England and Wales

Novel foods, like Cannabidiol (CBD) food products must be authorised before they are put on the market. This is to ensure they have been through an independent safety assessment.

Applications for authorisation of CBD food products are required as these products are considered a novel food having no history of consumption before May 1997.

To bring the current market into compliance, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) exceptionally asked the industry to submit applications for CBD products which were on sale on 13 February 2020.

The list of CBD products linked to novel food applications contains CBD food products which must meet the following criteria:

  • They were on the market at the time of the FSA announcement on CBD (13 February 2020)
  • The FSA received an authorisation application for the products before 13 March 2021
  • The FSA validated the application or agreed that it is sufficiently progressing towards validation

All CBD products must comply with other legislative requirements and should not be:

  • Incorrectly labelled
  • Unsafe
  • Regarded as controlled substances

List of CBD products

The FSA published a list of CBD food products which are linked to credible application for authorisation going through the novel food process. Inclusion of a CBD product in this list does not mean it is authorised, only that the applicant is seeking authorisation.

Search the list of CBD products on the Food Standards Agency website.

Companies which have not applied for authorisation, or those rejected from the process, should look to withdraw their products from the market voluntarily. Local authorities can use the list to inform their enforcement decisions.