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Great Get Together

Cambridgeshire communities got together in memory of MP Jo Cox. An all day party was held in Tennis Court Avenue, Huntingdon on the 18th and at the County Council we held our own Get Together tea party, hosted by Cllr Mandy Smith. It proved a very fitting way to celebrate the life of this remarkable MP #moreincommon.

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Brampton library now open for business!

The new community-managed library in Brampton has opened its doors for the first time. The library, which will be managed and run by volunteers and supported by Cambridgeshire County Council, will operate from Brampton Community Centre three days a week. An official opening will take place shortly. 

Brampton Library photo

New Special School planned at Alconbury Weald

Cambridgeshire County Council invites proposals to establish a new special school – opening in 2019/20 - to provide for children aged 3 - 19 to serve the new development at Alconbury Weald and the surrounding areas. On completion, Alconbury Weald will consist of up to 5,000 dwellings. The special school will admit children based on need, up to its capacity of 110 pupils. It is envisaged that between a quarter and a third of the pupils attending the school will be residents of the new development. Application forms are invited by 10am on Friday 25 August 2017.

St Neots Bridge Consultation

Cambridgeshire County Council is seeking views on possible locations for a new foot and cycle bridge over the River Great Ouse in the north of St Neots. The bridge would link the town with the area to the west of the river mirroring the southern bridge. Further details on this consultation are available on The closing date is 7 August 2017.

New Local Plan for Huntingdonshire for 2036

At today’s meeting the Council’s Cabinet are being asked to approve for consultation the latest draft of the Huntingdonshire Local Plan to 2036.  The plan is due to be submitted by the end March 2018. The Plan has been informed by a Strategic Transport Study and flood risk, housing need and retail studies. A formal opportunity for the local community, and other interested parties, to consider the Local Plan will also be provided when the Proposed Submission Draft is finalised. Find out more about the Local Plan.

The Neighbourhood Cares project - pilots in Soham and St Ives

Recruitment is currently underway for two pilots for the Neighbourhood Care project which will be in Soham and St Ives with a view of starting these in autumn 2017.

The project aims to pilot a radically different model of social work/care in Cambridgeshire funded by the Transformation Fund.  The model has more emphasis on staff working directly within the community and the key outcomes we want to achieve included freeing up staff to have more direct contact with the people we need them to work with; improve the quality and continuity of service user experience; generate capacity where we currently have capacity gaps, particularly in home care; reduce the cost of care (in the back office and commissioned care). Learning from the pilot sites will be the basis for the wider transformation of the whole system.

Following extensive consultations, proposals to share a number of corporate director roles across Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council have been agreed. The arrangements will replace the ten existing director roles within the CFA team, with five joint service directors working across both authorities, confirmed on 28th June as Charlotte Black (Adults); Will Patten (Commissioning) ; Adrian Chapman  (Community and Safety) and Lou Williams ( Children’s Services).  There was no appointment made to the joint Education director role which will now go to national advertisement.    The new structure aims to provide ‘one joint voice’ for the service and eliminate significant duplication. Each authority will have an assistant director to support these new roles and to help manage the day-to-day running of the services and the new team. Wendi Ogle-Welbourn was confirmed as overall Executive Director. 

Wendi Ogle-Welbourn (Executive Director)

Ofsted finds an improving outlook for SEND in Cambridgeshire

The County Council were recently jointly inspected by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in March 2017 to judge the effectiveness of the areas in implementing the disability and special educational needs reforms as set out in the Children and Families Act 2014.  The Inspectors were here for 2 weeks and involved many of the partners as part of the inspection as well as liaising with children, young people and parents and carers.  Cambridgeshire are very pleased to say that the inspection outlined overall was Good and Inspectors are impressed that the County Council self-assessment reflected the areas for development and improvements. See the full report.

True grit in soaring temperatures

Gritters have been out in force across Cambridgeshire as soaring temperatures have seen roads melting as surface temperatures reach over 40 degrees. In an unprecedented heatwave, tarmac has been melting on to drivers' tyres literally ripping it from the surface.

Listen to the news report which looked  into how we are tackling this problem.

Cambridgeshire County Farms - how much do you know?

Since 1907, Cambridgeshire County Council have been operating farms to provide a step on the ladder for new farmers. Today Cambridgeshire’s Farms Estate comprises 13,400ha and has 197 farm tenants, and is the largest in the UK. 

The Estate provides significant financial returns for the council, generating £4.1 million in rent each year. In addition, since 1993 the sale of surplus properties has raised more than £51 million – helping to keep council tax low and contributing towards council services in our region.

Cambridgeshire County Farms photo

Listen to Hugo Mallaby, our county farm manager talking about our County Farms on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this weekend – at 13:06mins into the show

MJ Local Government Award for Joint Commissioning Unit

The County Council has been highly commended in the MJ Achievement Awards announced at a national event in London on Thursday 15th June 2017. The County Council was jointly commended by the judges with Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group, for the Reinventing Public Services category.  Working together has resulted in a more efficient and effective use of resources helping to provide the right intervention at the right time to really make a difference to children and families.

Janet Dullaghan MBE recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours 

Janet was recognised for 20 years’ service improving the lives of children and families in Cambridge and Peterborough. Not only is she head of commissioning for child health and wellbeing, but she is also a link carer for children with disabilities- providing care at home for children with special and challenging needs to give their families a break.

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Cambridgeshire Growth - nationwide recruitment campaign launched


Cambridgeshire archives moving to Ely

Cambridgeshire Archives is moving to a new home at the former Strikes Bowling Alley building in Ely. Plans for the site include an enhanced digitisation suite, so that more documents are available online. The move is due to take place in the late spring of 2018.

Total Transport

This project concentrates on home to school transport to ten village college areas, with the aim of achieving significant budget savings – expanding  early  principles that vehicles are never filled to their theoretical maximum,  that they can arrive slightly earlier or later than currently, that pupils groups can be mixed from primary and secondary schools and that journey times are used to the maximum within the policy and national guidelines. Any changes will be introduced in September 2017.

Contact: Paul Nelson, Interim Head of Passenger Transport Services,

Email: [email protected]

Children’s Centres

The County Council has been working with partners on how best to deliver children centre activities across Cambridgeshire.  The transformation of children’s centres means that activities will still continue and with a greater opportunity to reach out to families within their local area.  The team have been engaging a number of parent groups and partners and a public consultation has been planned to launch in July this year.

Ofsted outcomes

The proportion of primary schools judged good or outstanding has risen to its highest ever level at 85.2% (National = 89.6%).  There is also great news for secondary schools where the proportion judged good or outstanding has risen to 80.6%: this is above national (78.2%) and an outstanding improvement on the position two years ago when the percentage was below half.  Nursery and area special schools are 100% good and outstanding. 

School allocations 

93.1% of primary school applications secured their first preference – the highest ever and one of the highest in the country.  Secondary school ‘first preferences’ was 92.50%, in line with the previous two years.

Sons of Cambridgeshire publication

Heritage Lottery Funded heritage project, ‘The Battle of the Somme,’ commemorated the men of Cambridgeshire who gave their lives in 1916. The final element of the project - publication Sons of Cambridgeshire is now available in libraries and at the Archives service. 

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Google Transit real time data improves travel experience for all county bus commuters

Bus users across the county can now get more accurate predictions for when their bus will arrive using real-time data. Google Transit is using location information fed directly from the Smart Cambridge data platform, supported by the City Deal. This allows commuters to obtain real time updates as buses are affected by traffic and other delays. For the first time in the Cambridge region, commuters will not have to rely solely on the published timetables. Almost all buses in Cambridge now have GPS sensors installed which gives their position - this data is then fed into the platform and processed to give an accurate prediction of arrival time. Find out more

Supporting and Promoting Cambridgeshire

MP support is vital for Cambridgeshire

Working closely with all of Cambridgeshire MPs is a vital area of improvement for the council’s administration, following our own May 4 elections.

There are key issues of national importance  - like needs led funding, the wider health and social care integration agenda,  allocations of school funding etc where we need our MPs to be our voice in Westminster – and as a county council we need to be more clearly outlining the countywide issues which will enable you to support our work in serving your constituents.

Ground breaking deal pays off for Cambridgeshire

Our negotiations  to deliver a ground breaking pilot deal with Government to retain additional growth in business rates, netted Cambridgeshire County Council more than £450,000 towards funding frontline services – and benefitted all of Cambridgeshire district and City Councils who retained 80% of the additional growth raised in their area .

Cambridgeshire is one of only two areas in the UK to have successfully secured this concession – Leader Steve Count told the media last week – of the council fighting for a better deal.    The money will go on to be used to support services that care for vulnerable children and adults in the county.   Find out more 

Essential reading for our MPs

An Independent Study on Business Rates Retention in County Areas was commissioned by the County Council’s Network that explores the implications of full business rates retention in county areas as a useful analysis of the wider implications of the scheme. Rateable values per head in the capital now average £3,700 compared to £851 in county areas.

Coming soon in Cambridgeshire 

The County Council are holding a free event for Cambridgeshire’s Looked After Children, Young people, foster carers, residential workers and other professionals for a fun day.  Many activities have been organised for the event for everyone to join in and support the event.  It will take place on 24th July, 11-3pm at Hemingford Grey Pavillion.

  • 30 June GCGP – LEP Summit at the Granta Centre, Granta Park, Cambridge, CB21 6AL, 8:30am until 12 noon. Book by emailing [email protected].
  • 7 July 2017: Assembly/Board papers published, including: Milton Road, cycling Traffic Regulation Orders, Cambourne to Cambridge, City Access scheme (including CCC parking strategy update), governance update, progress reports.
  •  11 July Fulbourn Greenway pre-consultation engagement workshop, Cherry Hinton C of E Primary School 17:00-20:00
  • 12 July, Waterbeach Greenway, pre-consultation engagement workshop, St John’s Church, Waterbeach  17:30-20:00
  • 12 July, Chisholm Trail LLF, Barnwell Baptist Church
  • 18 July, Fulbourn Greenway, pre-consultation engagement workshop, Fulbourn Primary School, 16:30-19.30
  • 19 July Waterbeach Greenway, pre-consultation engagement workshop, Waterbeach Primary School 18:30-20:30
  •  Autumn 2017 - Engagement on Greenways
  •  Autumn 2017 – Consultation on Cambourne to Cambridge (round two)
  •  Early 2018 – Consultation on A1307 (round two)

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Who’s who at Cambridgeshire County Council – the full line up of Members following the May 4 elections is available here

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