Timebanking is a way for people to come together and help each other by exchanging knowledge, help and skills. Timebanks can be set up by community organisations or individuals.

An introduction to timebanking

How Timebanking works

Timebanking works by people helping others where they live. In a Timebank everyone's time is equal, regardless of the skills or expertise being exchanged, 1 hour equals 1 hour.

The Timebanks are fully inclusive and everyone is openly encouraged and supported to be involved by their Timebank coordinators, who are often employed by a community organisation.

Timebank coordinators match people's skills, arrange time exchanges and keep a record of all the members 'banked' hours.

How an exchange works

A Timebank member can choose to give 1 hour of their time taking an older person to the local shops and in return can spend those 2 hours earned on anything which other members are offering, perhaps help with gardening, IT support or companionship. It is a positive way of developing communities

Timebanks drive social change, they bring people together, provide a foundation for everyone to be involved equally, encourage new friendships and connections, harness the energy and power of local people to support one another, strengthen community bonds and cohesion.

Activities that have taken place with Timebanking


An introduction

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The difference Timebanking can make 

Cambridgeshire Timebanks has almost 500 individual members and 65 organisational members with ages ranging from 3 to 96 years old. The total numbers of hours exchanged to date have been 12,033.

Timebanks in Cambridgeshire

To find out more contact the above Timebanks, read the documents below, sign up to the quarterly newsletter http://bit.ly/1rOp9t8 or contact the Community Engagement Team on 01223 699 683.

Somersham Timebank

Somersham set up their own Timebank. To find out how they did it and the activities they undertake, please see these documents. Also check out their dedicated webpage http://somershamtimebank.wordpress.com

Please note each Timebank needs to develop and agree its own documents.


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