Timebanking is an exciting way for local people to come together and help each other by exchanging knowledge, help and skills. Timebanks can be set up by community organisations or individuals.

How Timebanking works

In a Timebank everyone’s time is equal. Regardless of the skills or expertise being exchanged, one hour equals one hour. The Timebanks are inclusive. Everyone feels involved. Dedicated Timebank Coordinators match people’s skills, arrange time exchanges and keep a record of all the members’ “banked” hours.

How an exchange works

A Timebank member can choose to give 1 hour of their time. They can for example take an older person to the local shops. In return they can spend that hour earned on anything which other members are offering, perhaps help with gardening, IT support or companionship. It is a positive way of developing communities.

Timebanking makes a difference by

  • Driving social change
  • Bringing people together
  • Providing a foundation for everyone to be involved equally
  • Encouraging new friendships and connections
  • Harnessing the energy and power of local people to support one another
  • Strengthening community bonds and cohesion

Timebanks in Cambridgeshire

All Timebanks in the county are invited to join the Timebanking Partnership. The Partnership enables Timebanks to collaborate for example to share learning, and team up for events and bids. You can get in touch via the email address below.

If you are interested in setting up a Timebank in Cambridgeshire please email time.banking@cambridgeshire.gov.uk