The Research and Performance Team co-ordinates survey work and consultations undertaken by the authority, ensuring sound methodologies are adopted and information is properly shared and used.

We provide assistance or running of specific surveys and consultations plus giving advice on methodology, data collection, processing, analysis, reporting and use of findings.

We are also the County Council representatives on the Cambridgeshire Consultation Partnership, this includes colleagues from the district councils, NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue.

Current Cambridgeshire County Council consultations

Local consultations

Many local consultations are published on the Consult Cambs website.

Engagement and Consultation Strategy

Our Engagement and Consultation Strategy 2017 describes the Council's commitment to carry out meaningful engagement and consultation with service users and the public when making decisions, and outlines when and how this will be achieved.

In the face of increasingly challenging conditions for local government we have tried to protect frontline services, but inevitably we have had to change the way we do things and reduce some of what we do. In these circumstances talking to the public and listening to their opinions is more important than ever.

Through consultation, Cambridgeshire County Council will seek to understand what it is that members of the community value the most about our services. We acknowledge that consultation rarely throws up a single, coherent and unified opinion; we have to weigh the views expressed within the consultation process and then clearly feedback on why we have taken a particular course of action.

Opinions about the quality of our services are also fundamental to maintaining our standards. So we will regularly talk with service users about how we are doing.