Below is a summary of web cookies used on Cambridgeshire County Council website, which enable us to provide you with a better browsing experience. It will be updated as and when the web services change. This does not include cookies that are used by our branded websites, which are audited separately.

List of cookies used on our website

Cookie nameExpiresInformation
__utma 2 years Used by Google Analytics. Each unique browser that visits a page on the site is provided with a unique ID via the __utma cookie. In this way, subsequent visits to the website via the same browser are recorded as belonging to the same (unique) visitor. Thus, if a person interacted with the website using different browsers, the Analytics reports would track this activity under two unique visitors. Similarly if the same browser were used by two different visitors, but with a separate computer account for each, the activity would be recorded under two unique visitor IDs. On the other hand, if the browser happens to be used by two different people sharing the same computer account, one unique visitor ID is recorded, even though two unique individuals accessed the site.
__utmb 30 min Google Analytics uses these two cookies to establish a session. If either of these two cookies is absent, further activity by the user initiates the start of a new session.
__utmc End of session
__utmz 6 month When visitors reach the site via a search engine result, a direct link, or an ad that links to the page, Google Analytics stores the type of referral information in a cookie. The parameters in the cookie value string are parsed and sent in the GIF Request (in the utmcc variable). The expiration date for the cookie is set as 6 months into the future. This cookie gets updated with each subsequent page view to the site; thus it is used to determine visitor navigation within the site.
alert 1 month When the user closes the alert box this cookie is set with a unique reference number to prevent it from displaying again in the future. If the cookies are disabled, the alert will display on every page, even if it has been closed. If the cookies are cleared, the alert will pop up again on the next visit to the website.
X-Mapping-bdeddcaj End of session These cookies are added by the Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager (ZXTM) to ensure that user sessions are persistent.
ASP.NET_SessionId End of session
RatingsSessionID End of session This cookie is used to identify which page has been rated using our star rating widget. It is deleted once you leave our site.
TextSize End of session This cookies enables users to alter the size of text used on our website. It is deleted once you leave our site.
di, dt, loc, psc uid, uit End of session These cookies are added by a third part provider AddThis to allow our users to share content via social networking sites and emails. View the AddThis Privacy & Data Policy to find out more.
HighContrast End of session This cookies is set when the visitor chooses to view our website in high contrast. It is deleted once you leave our site.
socitm_include_me 1 year These cookies are used to determine whether a customer has participated in our Socitm Insight survey. It prevents the popup window displaying every time the customer returns to our website during the current survey year. If the cookies are cleared, the popup window asking to participate will appear on the next visit to our site. If the cookies are disabled, the survey will never popup.

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