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Soham North & Isleham Division

Soham North and Isleham by-election (4 October 2018)
Turnout 21.2%
Following the resignation of Councillor Paul Raynes

Persons nominated Description No of Votes cast
 Victoria Charlesworth Liberal Democrats  527
 Mark Goldsack  Conservative Party   858
 Lee Jinks  Labour Party  191
Geoffrey Woollard  Independent 182

Results of previous by-elections

Sutton Division by-election (18 February 2016)
Turnout 31.6%
Following the death of Phillip Read

 Description  No of votes cast
 Pete Bigsby  UK Independence
 Party (UKIP)
 Mike Bradley  The Conservative
 Party Candidate
 Lorna Helen Dupre  Liberal Democrats  1063
 Owen Winters  Independent  102

St Neots, Eaton Socon & Eynesbury by-election

Following the death of Councillor Steven Van de Kerkhove in January, a by-election took place on 5 May 2016.  The Notice of Election was published on the website of Huntingdonshire District Council.

 The names of the candidates and the results are as follows:

St. Neots Eaton Socon and Eynesbury by-election
Turnout 27%

Persons nominated Description No of Votes cast
 Corley, James Independent  479
 Johnson, Doctor Nik Labour Party  625
 Taylor, Simone Leigh Independent  1104
 Wainwright, Karl David

Conservative Party 


Sutton Division by-election (18 February 2016)
Turnout 31.6%
Following the death of Phillip Read

 Description  No of votes cast
 Pete Bigsby  UK Independence
 Party (UKIP)
 Mike Bradley  The Conservative
 Party Candidate
 Lorna Helen Dupre  Liberal Democrats  1063
 Owen Winters  Independent  102

Chatteris Division by-election (14 October 2015)
Turnout 23.5%
By-election following the death of Sandra Rylance

Persons NominatedDescriptionNo of Votes Cast
Freeman, John Richard Liberal Democrats  274
Mandley, Richard Michael UK Independence Party (UKIP)  600
Melton, Alan Keith Conservative Party  590

 Romsey Division by-election (25 June 2015)
Turnout 32.5%
By-election following the resignation of Killian Bourke on 11 May 2015

Persons NominatedDescriptionVotes Cast
Debbie Aitchison Green Party 467
Richard Graham Jeffs UK Independence Party (UKIP) 46
Nichola Jayne Martin Liberal Democrats 782
Zoe Moghadas Labour Party 829
Raja Rahatul Conservative Party 100

 Wisbech South Division by-election (4 June 2015)
Turnout 20%
By-election following the resignation of Peter Lagoda on 24 April 2015

Persons NominatedDescriptionVotes Cast
Susan Lesley Carson UK Independence Party (UKIP) 298
Samantha Hoy Conservative Party Candidate 1020
Josephine Ratcliffe Liberal Democrats 61
Dean Lyndon Reeves Labour Party 219

 Whittlesey North Division by-election on 7 May 2015
Turnout: 65.5%
By-election following resignation of Martin Curtis on 22 March 2015

Persons NominatedDescriptionVotes cast
Boden, Chris Conservative Party Candidate 2237
Chapman, David Liberal Democrat 615
Edwards, Paul Newton UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1131

 Bar Hill by-election held on 12 February 2015
Turnout: 23.64%
By-election held following the death of John Reynolds

NameDescriptionVotes cast
Martin John Hale UK Independence Party (UKIP) 251
Lynda Harford Conservative Party Candidate 787
Claudia Roland The Green Party 200
Alex Smith Labour Party Candidate 235
Fiona Elizabeth Whelan Liberal Democrat 238

Willingham Division by-election held on 22 May 2014
Turnout: 38.44%
By-election following resignation of Ray Manning on 2 April 2014

NameDescriptionVotes cast
Peter Cecil Henry Hudson Conservative 1252
Susan Gymer Liberal Democrat 338
Martin John Hale UKIP 642
Ben Monks Labour 471
Helen Stocks Green 295

Arbury Division by-election held on 5 May 2011
Turnout: 47%

NameDescriptionVotes cast
Martin Bonner Green Party 411
Amy Sarah Ellis Liberal Democrat 1078
Shapour Meftah Conservative Party Candidate 496
Paul Sales Labour Party Candidate 1214

March North by-election held on 3 March 2011
Turnout: 21%
By-election following death of John West

NameDescriptionVotes cast
Steve Count Conservative Party Candidate 616
William Peter McAdam Liberal Democrat Candidate 277
Louis Sugden Labour Party Candidate 282

 East Chesterton by-election held on 16 September 2010
Turnout: 30.5%
By-election called following the resignation of Siep Wijsenbeek

NameDescriptionVotes cast
Gerri Bird Labour Party Candidate 663
Matthew Thomas Bradney Conservative Party Candidate 334
Peter Burkinshaw UK Independence Party 37
Anna Gordon Cambridge Socialists 53
Ian Geoffrey Manning Liberal Democrat 832
Peter Harry Pope Green Party 117

 Wisbech North by-election held on 15 April 2010
Turnout: 21.1%
By-election called following the death of Leslie Sims

NameDescriptionVotes cast
Paul Sydney Clapp UK Independence Party 233
Barry Ernest Arthur Diggle Labour Party Candidate 287
Samantha Patricia Hoy Conservative Party Candidate 548
David Roy Patrick Liberal Democrat 506

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