Your county councillor is one of 61 councillors elected to represent the views and concerns of the people of Cambridgeshire.  Each councillor, also referred to as a member, represents an electoral division within Cambridgeshire and is elected for a period of four years.  The last election was held on 4 May 2017 and the next election will take place in 2021.

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Current political make-up of Cambridgeshire County Council

Conservative 36
Independent   1
St Neots Independent Group   2
Labour   7
Liberal Democrat 15
Total 61

To find out which Councillor represents your local area, see the map below.

A list of councillors names and addresses is provided in an excel file.   Please note the format uses a standard column width so not all entries may be completely visible. To view the data you will need to expand the columns to an appropriate width. This data is freely reusable under the Open Government Licence.

Members - names and addresses - July 2017

Size: 14.90 KB File format: xlsx

A summary of councillors’ attendance at meetings of the Council is available by clicking on each committee. Each committee can be found here.

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