Links to other websites, webpages, or external documents should be added within context as much as possible.


WRONG: "You can browse the online catalogue to reserve and borrow books. Please click the link on the right to access the online catalogue."

RIGHT: "You can browse the online library catalogue to reserve and borrow books."

1.7.1: Hyperlinks

Whenever content is mentioned that exists elsewhere on the web, hyperlink to it. However, if you mention it more than once under the same header, link only in the first instance. 

Hyperlink to external documents too, rather than adding them into our own document library.

Key rules for writing hyperlinks:

  • no more than 5 words long
  • be descriptive of the page or document they’re linking to
  • 'here' or 'click here' are not suitable hyperlink descriptions
  • Adding a 'title' can add further information such as intended destination 'Age UK website' for mouse users on hover over.  Not all screen readers will display this text, but may read it aloud for example.

1.7.2: Email addresses

An email address should be written out in full, in lowercase and always linked. Don't include any other words as part of the link.

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