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The leader of Cambridgeshire County Council has made an impassioned plea to the Government to put a fairer funding deal for our county at the top of their agenda.

In this video  Councillor Steve Count calls on the Government to prioritise correcting the historic “unfair formula” and asks residents to lobby their MPs to make sure this happens.

Cambridgeshire County Council has joined forces with County Councils across the UK who suffer greatly from what Cllr Count calls ‘a broken formula’ to ask our MPs to take a message to government to make changes to Funding Formula plans.  For more information, visit the County Councils Network website.

County Councils are the lowest funded of the upper tier councils receiving an average of £292 per resident less than councils in London and £166 less per head than metropolitan boroughs while levels of demand are rising faster in rural areas than those in more urban areas.

Photo of person holding a fair deal for adult social care in Cambridgeshire

As part of this push, we are asking people to join our #Fairdeal4Cambs campaign which calls for fairer funding for council services in Cambridgeshire. Despite our county being the fastest growing in the UK, it ranks third from the bottom out of a total of 27 Shire counties in the funding it gets from government. 

Photo of 5 boys hold fair deal for Cambridgeshire placards

If Cambridgeshire received even the average level of government funding (RSG) for Counties it would receive an additional £13.7m each year to spend on vital frontline services each year.  If it was funded to the level of the average London borough it would receive an additional £75m each year.

Photo of hashtags for fair deal for Cambridgeshire and fair deal for kids
  • Across the country referrals to children’s social care have risen most dramatically in rural councils, whilst they receive half the money urban councils get to deliver these services. The Local Government Association says by 2020 there will be a funding gap in children’s services across the country of at least £2 billion.
  • In Cambridgeshire we have seen a 50% (48.8%) increase in the number of Looked after Children (LAC) and a 100% increase in the number of children needing a Child Protection Plan in the past four years.
  • In the past four years the number of residents aged 85+ in Cambridgeshire has increased by 20%.  We welcome the fact that people live longer but need adequate funding to support them to live safely and with dignity.
  • The current funding formula for education spending has left a gap of 47% between the average per pupil funding received by counties and Inner London authorities. This means a £2,000 gap per pupil, per year gap between what is spent on Cambridgeshire children compared to some other areas of the country.


The council’s key sources of funding are Council Tax –where the council is already including the 2% adult social care precept, Central Government grants (excluding grants to schools), locally retained business rates and the income that we raise

The total cost of running the council in 2018/19 will be £556m not including expenditure by schools. 

In 2018-19, Cambridgeshire County Council will receive £552m of funding, excluding grants which go directly to schools.

Our savings/income target for 2018/19 is £41.9m - with more than £100m required over the next 5 years from things like social care client contributions, pooled budgets from partners including the NHS, rental income from the County Farms estate, parking charges and our ESPO dividend.

Each 1% of council tax equals £2.7m available for the council to spend on vital services.

Percentage increase in Council Tax has an annual Impact on a Band D Household as follows

  •  2%  - annual increase of  £23.76   - adult social care precept
  •  2.99 %  £35.64   (-proposed additional charge)

e.g at £1.14 a week, a 4.99% rise is roughly equal to an 800g white sliced loaf, and half the price of a regular cappuccino. (UK price index figures)

In 2017/18

What you can do

Show your support for our #Fairdeal4Cambs campaign by adding a Twibbon to your social media profile.

Visit http://twibbon.com/support/fairdeal4cambs-2 where you can add it to your profile picture on Twitter or Facebook and a support message will be posted on your behalf.

Write to your Member of Parliament and ask them to support Cambridgeshire County Council in fighting for a Fairdeal4Cambs.

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