Finance & performance reports

Performance Indicators

Finance and performance reports are provided by services and give details on their financial position and performance levels achieved for each month, accompanied by forecast outturn estimates.

These reports feed into the corporate Integrated Resources and Performance Report, which is presented to Strategic Management Team (SMT) on a monthly basis, and the General Purposes Committee (GPC) on a bi-monthly basis.

The service finance and performance reports are presented to their respective Committees on a bi-monthly basis.

Corporate Integrated Resources and Performance Reports

Commercial and Investments

C&I Finance Monitoring Report - July 2019
Size: 1.68MBFile format: pdf

Corporate Risk Register

Corporate Risk Register - September 2018
Size: 236KBFile format: pdf

People and Communities

P&C Finance Monitoring Report - July 2019
Size: 1.52MBFile format: pdf

Performance indicators

Performance indicators Q1 2019
Size: 6.86MBFile format: pdf
Performance Indicators - March 2019
Size: 27KBFile format: excel