To use our online forms you will need JavaScript and SSL 3.0. Most modern browsers will have these enabled automatically. For further help please contact your internet browser provider.

Completing the form

Each online form consists of one or more pages. You will be requested to enter information by typing into text boxes, selecting from a list and/or pressing buttons. Mandatory questions are marked with a red asterisk (*) or 'Required' text. If you have missed any mandatory questions you will be notified when you attempt to go to the next page.

For some online forms you will be required to upload documents and photos, the first page of the online form will provide you with a list of what you need.

The ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons at the bottom of each page allow you to navigate forwards and backwards through the form.

Uploading your documents and photo to an online form

To upload a document or photo to an online form you click on the browse button and select the file from the location on your computer where it is saved.

Please see the photo guidance for the correct format for your photograph. Your application may be delayed if your photograph is not suitable.

Saving document files on to your computer

To save documents and photos onto your computer you can:

  • Scan your documents or photo using a scanner connected to your computer
  • Take photos of your documents (or the applicant) on a digital camera which you can connect to your computer
  • Take photos of your documents (or the applicant) using your smart phone or tablet.

Please make sure that all information on the documents can be clearly read. You will need to complete the online form using the computer, smart phone or tablet your documents are saved on.

Did you know?

You can scan and upload your documents free at any library below:



Central library, Cambridge




Rock Road, Cambridge

St Ives

St Neots


File size

Each document/photo can be up to 1MB, with a total for all documents/photos of 4MB per online form.

File types

You can send your documents as jpeg, jpg, PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel files.

Most digital cameras, smart phones and tablets save photographs as a JPG/JPEG file.

If you require assistance with completing one of our online forms please contact Customer Services on 0345 045 5200.

Document security

Your uploaded documents are stored and sent using encrypted technology to make sure they stay safe.

Data protection

All information submitted is protected and subject to our privacy statement.

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