Be a Care Worker

Be a Care Worker

Brilliant jobs throughout Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

If hearing fascinating stories from people who’ve lived extraordinary lives is your cup of tea, we may have the perfect job for you.

And if you think helping people do things they’d never be able to do without you is the best thing since sliced bread covered in jam, please read on.

Because, if you’ve read this far, we think you might be the type of person who’d make a brilliant Care Worker. 

This is work that’s really loved by those who do it. And they all like different aspects of the job.

It might be the endless supply of amazing stories.

It might be the warm, fuzzy feeling they get from doing things – sometimes just small things that mean a lot to those they’re helping. Equally, it might be some pretty big stuff, such as being trained in skills that transform the lives of others.

But whatever part of the job they enjoy the most, there’s one thing that’s certain about all the people who make successful careers out of being a Care Worker: they all love helping others.

You’ve got to be a people person to do this kind of work. You’ve got to love seeing others thrive when you help them do things.

You don’t need experience. You don’t need to have worked anywhere else. You don’t even need qualifications in care.

But you do have to be the sort of person who loves helping people if people need help.

We’re not saying it’s for everyone.

After all, some parts of the job aren’t easy. Being a Care Worker isn’t a stroll in the park. Although, to be fair, you might be asked to do just that with some people you care for. Or take them to the cinema. Or just down the shops.

It is a demanding job, that’s for sure. But you will be trained and qualified for it. You will have opportunities to progress, move up the ranks and build a long and worthwhile career. Because, to be honest, just like you, our care providers are the type who get a kick out of seeing people thrive.

People just like you.

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We want to help you take your next step to becoming a Care Worker. By filling out our simple form, we will help connect you to care providers across Cambridgeshire.

It will only take five minutes to complete and, once we receive a completed form, a member of our team will share your details with care providers, who would love to discuss available roles with you.

Available roles in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, care providers are looking for people to join a range of teams working in both residential and at home settings.

There are vacancies for the following roles:

Older people

  • Domiciliary Care Worker
  • Care Home Worker
  • Supported Living Care Worker
  • Personal Assistant

Learning disabilities

  • Domiciliary Care Worker
  • Supported Living Care Worker
  • Personal Assistant

Physical disabilities

  • Domiciliary Care Worker
  • Supported Living Care Worker
  • Personal Assistant

Mental health

  • Domiciliary Care Worker
  • Supported Living Care Worker
  • Personal Assistant

Most positions are entry-level, so you don’t need to have experience or qualifications to apply and work in these roles. Training is provided and you’ll quickly learn through shadowing others, and real-life experience.

This doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to progress. There is always scope to grow in your role as a Care Worker and build a long-term, successful career.

By becoming a Care Worker, you have the potential to work your way up to a range of senior roles including Care Home Manager, Homecare Agency Manager, Commissioning Officer and Commissioning Manager.

Career pathways for Care Workers

You can begin your career as a Care Worker without any prior experience or qualifications. You will begin work within your chosen area (elderly care, mental health, physical disability or learning disability) as a care worker or personal assistant and, while in this role, work to obtain a Level 1 and 2 qualification in Health and Social Care. The average annual salary range for an entry-level role is £15,000 to £25,000.

After Stage 1, you can gain promotion to a Senior Healthcare Assistant or Team Lead position within your specialist area (elderly care, mental health, physical disability or learning disability). This requires prior experience and a qualification to Level 3 or 4 standard. The average annual salary range for these roles is £18,000 to £30,000.

Although Care Workers may choose to remain at Stage 2, there is opportunity to progress to a role such as Social Worker, Social Care Manager, Registered Nurse, Learning Disability Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, Occupational Therapist or Senior Manager. A qualification at Level 5 or 6 (undergraduate degree or equivalent) is required for these roles and the average annual salary range is £25,000 to £40,000.

Further progression is available, if you choose to pursue a Level 7 qualification (Master’s degree or equivalent). This opens the door to roles including an Approved Mental Health Professional, a District Nurse, Lead Occupational Therapist or Social Care Manager. The average annual salary range is £30,000 to £50,000.

The highest positions in care require a Level 7 equivalent qualification in leadership and management or similar. Once achieved, roles include Head of Social Care, Assistant Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Services within the Local Authority, Director of Adult Social Services and Chief Operating Officer. Roles such as these command an average annual salary range of £55,000 to £120,000.

There is also the opportunity to become a self-employed personal assistant within the care sector. For more information on this, visit the Skills for Care website.