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Mosaic is the new case management system that will be replacing Swift AIS and the Adult Finance Module (AFM) scheduled to go-live on the 1st October 2018. 

Mosaic is designed to support practitioners to focus on the service users and their outcomes, providing social workers with the tools and technology to work innovatively, to assess and understand the service users' needs and to capture these effectively. 

What are the benefits of Mosaic? 

  • Legacy case management systems do not facilitate collaborative working and present data quality issues resulting in a complicated system and cumbersome way of working.
  • Mosaic is a workflow system which enables users to quickly access their caseload and uses dynamic workflow at every stage of the process, providing a holistic view of the case, allowing users to quickly drill into specific areas. 
  • Mosaic is configured to meet Cambridgeshire’s needs and can be easily modified to reflect different workflows and processes.
  • Mosaic is an important enabler of cultural change.

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