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The scheduled go-live date for Mosaic is the 1st October 2018. Due to the number of staff that will be using Mosaic teams will be given a timeslot on the day when they will be able to access Mosaic for the first time, so that we can manage support more easily. Further information will be available closer to the date.

The implementation of Mosaic is part of an important cultural change within Adult Social Care. It has been configured to meet Cambridgeshire’s needs and designed to support practitioners to focus on the people we support and the outcomes they want to achieve.

A comprehensive training programme is under development and Change Champions and Business Support Super Users will be supporting teams as we move through the transition from Swift AIS to Mosaic.  

For more information, including the name of your Change Champion or Business support Super User please visit www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/mosaic or contact [email protected].

For details of Mosaic training click here.

To find a list of Subject Matter Experts, Change Champions and Super Users click here.

We are committed to supporting Mosaic users with accessibility requirements.  Mosaic is used extensively by over 60 local authorities using a range of products and devices, including different browser configurations and as such the supplier cannot give assurance that the system will be accessible for all.   If users experience difficulties using the product please contact [email protected] , and we will work with the supplier to offer any advice and guidance on using the produce effectively, or work to ensure that the product fits your requirements moving forward. 

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