Accessibility Options

The remote access desktop allows you to access your network files and CCC email from a remote location.

The documents below contain instructions and advice for using the system:

Clear Internet Cache

Size: 238.66 KB File format: pdf

Outlook web access quick start guide

Size: 390.31 KB File format: pdf


Install this application to print from a remote desktop.

Size: 7.74 MB File format: zip

Compatible configurations for home devices

To access Juniper from home you will need:

Browser and operating system information

Juniper is only supported on a Windows PC or laptop with Internet Explorer version 9 or above. Please view the tables below to check if your home set up is compatible with Juniper.

Compatible configurations

Operating systemBrowser
Windows 7 Internet Explorer 9 or above
Windows 8 Internet Explorer 11
Windows 8.1 Internet Explorer 11
Windows 10 Internet Explorer 11

Incompatible configurations

Operating systemBrowser
Windows XP/Vista n/a
Windows 7 and above Internet Explorer 8 or below, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Windows 10 Microsoft Edge
Any MAC device n/a
Lixux Redhat & Ubuntu Firefox 3.x
iPads or android tablets n/a

Please note that:


  • where a non-CCC PC is used for remote access, this advice is offered without detailed knowledge of the configuration of the PC and network being used and any changes you choose to make to your own PC or network configuration as a consequence of this advice are at your own risk
  • Cambridgeshire County Council IT Service is not able to provide support for PCs and networks that it does not manage. If you are unsure about following any of the advice offered please consult your own IT support provider

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