The Research and Performance Team co-ordinates survey work and consultations undertaken by the authority, ensuring sound methodologies are adopted and information is properly shared and used.

We provide assistance or running of specific surveys and consultations plus giving advice on methodology, data collection, processing, analysis, reporting and use of findings.

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All consultations and surveys with the public or service users must be recorded on this as soon as they are planned.

We are also the County Council representatives on the Cambridgeshire Consultation Partnership, this includes colleagues from the district councils, Cambridgeshire Primary Care Trust, Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue.

Council consultation strategy

The Listening and Involving Strategy 2013 has been published. This document outlines the methods and background to the ways in which the Council consults with the public, and aims for the coming year to further improve our work. The key messages in the strategy are:

  • The Council is committed to consulting users and residents
  • Consultation is a mainstream activity of the Council, not an add-on.
  • The consultation techniques used will be appropriate to the people to be consulted, the use to which the consultation will be put and resources available.
  • Findings and how they have influenced decisions will be reported to people who were consulted, and the wider public.
  • Information collected will be shared across the Council so we don't waste resources and people's time duplicating surveys.
  • We will make special efforts to contact groups who, in the past, have not always had their voice heard by the Council - such as people with a disability, ethnic minorities and young people.

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