Census 2011

This theme provides data and reports on local results from the 2011 Census. The census is the only survey which provides a detailed picture of the entire population. Topics include age, health, education, ethnicity, language use, work and religion, amongst others.

Community safety

The Community Safety pages on Cambridgeshire Insight provide overview of the work completed in support of the five district Community Safety partnerships within Cambridgeshire. Research, monitoring and information needs are provided for each CSP to enable the partnerships to monitor their performance and plan appropriate actions to tackle emerging issues. We produce a variety of reports for each CSP each year.  These reports are based on analysis done on data from the Police, Fire and Rescue, East of England Ambulance Service, and emergency departments, amongst others, to establish patterns in crime, alcohol and drug misuse, and anti-social behaviour.

We also showcase bespoke analyses on a range of topical issues, as required. Links to these reports and the strategic assessments can also be found on Cambridgeshire Insight along with links to a range of open data sources used in our research.

Police recorded crime and anti-social behaviour data are also viewable on our interactive community safety atlases within Cambridgeshire Insight. A minimum of five years data is available to view trends of the main crime types by ward.

Consultations & surveys

The Research and Performance Team co-ordinates survey work and consultations undertaken by the authority, ensuring sound methodologies are adopted and information is properly shared and used.

We provide assistance or running of specific surveys and consultations plus giving advice on methodology, data collection, processing, analysis, reporting and use of findings. We have produced a consultation toolkit to assist people to run consultations and surveys. We also manage a database of consultations. All consultations and surveys with the public or service users are recorded on this database as soon as they are planned.

Customer insight


The Economy pages on Cambridgeshire Insight provide information on the local economy, labour market and deprivation, including Cambridgeshire’s economic assessment and research on employment in Cambridgeshire’s hi-tech community.

The Cambridgeshire Insight website is also the place to find economic forecasts from the East of England Forecasting Model (EEFM). The EEFM provides consistent economic, demographic and housing forecasts for the purpose of aligning the provision of jobs and homes. Please contact us if you would like to commission any bespoke EEFM scenarios for your area. For more information about using these forecasts for assessing future housing requirements in the Cambridge Housing Market Area, download the 'Population, Housing and Employment Forecasts Technical Report' from Cambridgeshire Insight.


This theme provides an overview of pupil numbers, including projections and other education statistics for the county.  These are used for school place and  budget planning purposes.

Health and wellbeing


Interactive mapping

The Cambridgeshire Atlas is a display tool that allows users to view interactive atlases, dashboards, profiles or key indicator reports.  It helps users to understand complicated socio-economic datasets quickly.

Cambridgeshire Atlases cover a number of themes including:

Joint strategic needs assessment

Population and demographics

The team produces annual population and dwelling stock estimates and projections for the county and other related information such as on migrant workers.

The Cambridgeshire Profiles are a set of linked web pages that provide a clear, accessible view of local data on an area-by-area or theme-by-theme basis.

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