The Cambridgeshire Research Group provides a wide variety of information on the people and economy of Cambridgeshire in order to help plan services for the county. We work closely with many service groups to provide data and information on projects, surveys, consultations and bids going on throughout the Council.

Our services

With the current financial pressures, all public sector organisations need to review how they work and what services they can offer their communities.

This is where the Cambridgeshire Research Group can assist.

We recognise that good quality information is essential to help officers make better informed decisions at every level.  It is important that information used to inform, manage and plan activities is accurate, reliable and where possible easily comparable to others.  There also needs to be sufficient operational data to ensure performance can be managed and early signs given where things are not on track.

The Cambridgeshire Research Group offers a complete set of business intelligence solutions for the public sector, private sector, voluntary organisations and the local community. Please contact us using the form on Cambridgeshire Insight. Our professional team of analysts offers services in many fields, including:

Research and analysis

Research and analysis to inform policy development for:

  • Economy and housing
  • Population and demography
  • Public health and culture
  • Deprivation and poverty
  • Mapping and GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Crime and community safety
  • “Bespoke” service for data analysis

Consultation support

  • Support the consultation stage of policy development
  • Methodology and advice, including questionnaire design
  • Analysis of data
  • “Bespoke service” for surveys

Improving effectiveness

  • Develop different ways of delivering information and analysis with GIS and mapping capability
  • Corporate performance management
  • Project evaluation and data support
  • GIS and Survey training

Performance management

  • Provide advice and support on all aspects of performance management
  • Performance management training, such as planning, performance monitoring, using performance information, benchmarking and quality management systems
  • Provide integrated planning processes
  • Help you understand the role of performance information and how indicators work, including advice on target setting and assessing comparative performance
  • Help develop a plan to improve performance management in your service / team

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