Families and children will normally be given their 'Privacy Notice' when they begin receiving a service from the council. For example, when registering at a children's centre, or when receiving support from a council service, for example, a locality team.

Privacy Notice

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Children of school age will normally be given their Privacy Notice at the same time as they receive other material, for example, as part of a school brochure or induction ack.

The Notice will contain links to those parts of the local authority and Department for Education websites which state how they share information relating to school, educational support and other support services with any other organisations.

The Notice also tells people about their rights under the Data Protection Act to see the information which the school holds about them. Young people over the age of 12 will normally be able to exercise that right directly; parents will act on behalf of younger children. In all cases, however, the council or school will have to judge whether the child will be capable of understanding and dealing with the information.

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