We monitor and report on the availability of their websites.

The council currently aims for 99% server availability.

Server availability statistics from January 2016
MonthServer availability
January 2016 99.99%
February 2016 99.98%
March 2016 99.91%
April 2016 99.98%
May 2016 99.99%
June 2016 98.86%
July 2016 99.93%
August 2016 99.84%


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Information on server availability

In order for this website to function correctly and have all of its content, forms and press releases accessible, all three of the main webservers (computers supporting the website) must be available. Unfortunately, they can be made unavailable by a variety of factors, including:

  • volume of traffic
  • planned maintenance works
  • unplanned maintenance works
  • technical problems

This data is freely reusable under the Open Government Licence.

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