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We publish the following information in relation to the Local Government Transparency Code. Open Data sets released under the Open Government Licence.

Payments to suppliers with a value of £500 or over

Government procurement card transactions - published quarterly:

July-September 2015

Size: 165.93 KB File format: xlsx

April-June 2015

Size: 207.36 KB File format: xlsx

January-March 2015

Size: 226.31 KB File format: xlsx

October-December 2014-15

Size: 216.22 KB File format: xlsx

July-September 2014-15

Size: 205.03 KB File format: xlsx

April-June 2014-15

Size: 209.21 KB File format: xlsx

Local authority land

Public land and assets

Size: 39.23 KB File format: xlsx

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations - details of grants over £500 are published under the Expense Type ‘Grants to Voluntary Bodies’. A register of all grants is currently in development.

Organisation chart

Senior managers & structure charts - additional structure charts and details of responsibilities of different teams

Parking account information

Parking spaces December 2014

Size: 9.75 KB File format: xlsx

Parking Account 2012/13 and 2013/14

Size: 10.77 KB File format: xlsx

Fraud data

Cambs Fraud 2016-2017

Size: 26.50 KB File format: pdf

Cambs Fraud 2015-2016

Size: 12.75 KB File format: pdf

Cambs Fraud 2014- 2015

Size: 126.22 KB File format: pdf


Apprenticeship data - published annually

CCC Apprenticeship Data 2017-2018

Size: 329.39 KB File format: pdf

Traffic Count Data 2009-2013

Size: 58.96 KB File format: xlsx

Cambridgeshire.net datasets

Cambridgeshire.net is a community website that offers lists of organisations, events, courses, regular activities and venues across Cambridgeshire.

If the council uses any of these datasets please provide us with your contact details via the Cambs.net General Feedback page, so the council can keep you informed of new developments and any planned outages.

This Cambs.net RSS feed is the most recently published content on the website and can be adapted for various purposes by adding further information to the URL. For example:

Please note the dates which come through on the RSS feed for courses, events or activities are the dates when an item was published to Cambridgeshire.net (not the date when the event, course or activity is taking place).

If you want the RSS feed to filter events and activities by the date they happen that can be configured with the help of the following documents (which include details of all the filtering options that are available and how to use them):

Cambsnet JSON spec

Size: 96.47 KB File format: pdf

Cambsnet RSS spec

Size: 90.45 KB File format: pdf

Cambsnet XML spec

Size: 201.38 KB File format: pdf

For further information and support please contact the Cambridgeshire.net administrator at [email protected].

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