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The council is committed to protecting the public funds entrusted to it and to upholding the highest standards of financial probity and accountability. The national cost of fraud to local government has recently been estimated as £2.2 billion a year (Fighting Fraud Locally). This is money that should be used for local services and the council has adopted a zero tolerance approach to any such attempts to divert much needed resources from our communities.

The council's Anti- Fraud and Corruption Policy demonstrates that all necessary steps will be taken to prevent fraud and corruption. The council is determined to detect any such attempts and will robustly pursue those responsible and recover losses, referring matters to the police where appropriate.

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy - June 2017

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All employees, contractors and partners are urged to assist the council in fighting fraud by familiarising themselves with this policy and being aware of the risk of fraud. Concerns from the public can be reported through the council's formal complaints procedure.

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