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Concerns raised by suppliers, councillors, and the public

The Council is committed to the highest possible standard of operation, integrity and accountability. It is important that any fraud, malpractice or wrongdoing within the Council is reported and properly dealt with. The Council encourages suppliers, Councillors and members of the public to express any concerns they have about suspected illegal or illegitimate practices involving the Council. All concerns can be raised by using the Council's formal complaints procedure.

All concerns will be treated sensitively and, where possible, in the strictest confidence, although in some cases the Council may be legally required to disclose the information.

Concerns will be channelled through the most appropriate office within the authority. Some concerns may not warrant a full investigation, for example, it may be a matter that can be resolved informally or may be a matter where actions have been misinterpreted.

The Council accepts that you need to be assured that the matter has been properly addressed. Therefore, subject to legal constraints, where possible, you will receive information about the outcomes of any investigation and the action that is to be taken.

If you would prefer to tell an independent organisation you may choose to contact Audit Commission or Public Concern at Work, who are a registered charity whose services are free and confidential.

Please remember that any fraud, corruption and theft against the Council takes funds from Cambridgeshire's 'Public Purse'. This is all money that could be better spent on improving the services that the council provides.

Whistleblowing procedures for council employees

The Council recognises that its workers are often the first to notice wrongdoing and so encourages its workers to come forward and voice their concerns by following the Council's internal whistleblowing procedures. The Council's internal whistleblowing procedures enable employees to raise their concerns in confidence and without fear of reprisal.

Whistleblowing Policy 2019

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