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  1. Consultation on overnight support for disabled children2222

    Online survey2222

    From: Sat; 23 Feb 2019To: Sun; 12 April 2019

    We want to make sure that we provide overnight support in the way that best meets the needs and wishes of families, children and young people…

  1. Winhills Primary Breakfast Club

    Winhills Primary Academy, Cromwell Road, Eynesbury, PE19 2DX

  2. Squirrels Breakfast Club - Eynesbury

    Eynesbury C Of E School, Montagu Street, Eynesbury, PE19 2TD

    Ofsted registered.

  3. Applepips Breakfast Club

    Offord Primary School, Millers Close, Offord Darcy, PE19 5SB

    Ofsted Registered. Accepts Employer Childcare Vouchers.

  4. Kingsfield Primary School Breakfast Club

    Kingsfield Primary School, Burnsfield Estate, Chatteris, PE16 6ET

    For pupils of Kingsfield Primary School.

  5. Cambridge Kidsclub @ Queen Emma Breakfast Club

    The Netherhall School, Queen Ediths Way, Cambridge, CB1 8NN

    Ofsted Registered.

  6. Apricot Breakfast Club - St Neots

    Priory Park Infant School, Almond Road, St Neots, PE19 1DZ

    Ofsted registered. Accepts employer childcare vouchers.

  7. Melbourn Primary School Breakfast Club

    Melbourn Primary School, Mortlock Street, Melbourn, SG8 6DB

    For pupils of Melbourn Primary School.

  8. Skools Out Breakfast Club - Hemingford Grey

    Hemingford Grey Primary School, St Ives Road, Hemingford Grey, PE28 9DU

    Ofsted registered.

  9. Burrowmoor Breakfast Club

    Burrowmoor Primary School, Burrowmoor Road, March, PE15 9RP

  10. Teversham Primary School Breakfast Club

    Teversham Primary School, Church Road, Teversham, CB1 9AZ

    Run by Teversham Primary School