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  1. Cambridge Accordion Club

  2. Dry Drayton Support Group - Covid-19

    Dry Drayton area, community support group

  3. Stour Green Mutual Aid Group - Covid-19

    Community support

  4. Tadlow - Covid-19

    Tadlow High Street and Swanns Close

    Covers: Tadlow High Street and Swanns Close. c. 14 households volunteering.

  5. Brinkley Support - Covid-19


    Brinkley Parish council help with shopping etc

  6. Catworth Community Response - Covid-19


    Community support Covid response.

  7. Holme - Covid-19


    Covering the Holme District supplying, food essentials, medicine collections and more. 30 plus volunteers signed up.

  8. Willingham Love Hub - Covid-19

    The help we are offering: · Pick up of groceries · Prescription pickup from Willingham Pharmacy · Any other small essential errands We currently have 20 volunteers.

  9. Holme Village Hall

    Holme Village Hall, Short Drove, Holme, Peterborough,

    Village Hall

  10. Beechwoods Local Nature Reserve

    Wort's Causeway, Cambridge

    Details on