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  1. Safe and Well

    Provides information on range of daily living aids designed to make everyday tasks easier. This could be grab rails, walking aids, gadgets to help you around the house, and much more.To help find products that can help make a variety of tasks easier,

  2. Sancton Wood Baby Unicorns Nursery

    17 Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JB

    Ofsted Registered.

  3. Magdalene House Kindergarten

    Kindergarten of Wisbech Grammar School available for the year prior to Reception. Recommended minimum of three sessions per week.

  4. Whitehall School Nursery

    Whitehall School, 117 High Street, Somersham, PE28 3EH

    Accepts Early Years Education Funding and employer childcare vouchers.

  5. King's Ely Acremont & Nursery

    Acremont House, 30 Egremont Street, Ely, CB6 1AE

    Part of independent school, King's Ely.

  6. Pelican Perse Pre-Preparatory School

    Northwold House, 92 Glebe Road, Cambridge, CB1 7TD

    Part of The Perse School.

  7. Stephen Perse Pre-Prep Cambridge

    5 Brookside, Cambridge, CB2 1JE

    On the same site as Stephen Perse Junior School.

  8. Cambridge Steiner School Kindergarten

    Cambridge Steiner School, Hinton Road, Fulbourn, CB21 5DZ

    Follows the Steiner Waldorf curriculum. Accepts Early Years Education Funding and employer childcare vouchers.

  9. Sancton Wood Unicorn Nursery

    Sancton Wood School, 41671 St Pauls Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EZ

    Ofsted registered. Accepts Early Years Education Funding.

  10. Stephen Perse Pre-Prep Madingley

    The Stephen Perse Foundation, Union Road, Cambridge, CB2 1HF

    Pre-prep for an independent school. Accepts employer childcare vouchers.