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  1. Houghton & Wyton Timebank - Covid-19

    Houghton & Wyton Timebank, a well-established Timebank and division of the Houghton and Wyton Parish Council, is coordinating volunteers to help those in Houghton & Wyton and Wyton-on-the-Hill during the COVID-19 Pandemic with things like:

  2. Upwood and the Raveleys Help Group - Covid 19

    The group aims to: identify residents within Upwood and the Raveleys  who require support over the coming weeks as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, identify local volunteers who can help provide support, and assist to coordinate

  3. Wicken Mutual Aid Support Network - Covid-19


    Voluntary community support network for Wicken Parish residents who are vulnerable, high risk or in self isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We can help with: * Food shopping * Prescription deliveries * A friendly phone call * Urgent supplies

  4. Oakington & Westwick Neighbours

    Working with the Parish Council, churches, Community Association and others, we are offering support during the Coronavirus crisis in Oakington & Westwick. Please get in touch if you live in the parish and need support - eg shopping or