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  1. Hartford Infants Pre School

    Hartford Community Infant School, Mayfield Crescent, Huntingdon, PE29 1UL

    Pre-School of Hartford Infants School.

  2. Alderman Jacobs Primary School Pre-School

    Pre-School of Alderman Jacobs Primary School.

  3. Trumpington Park Early Years and Childcare

    Ofsted Registered.

  4. Kennett Foundation Stage Unit

    Kennett Primary School, 98 Station Road, Kennett, CB8 7QQ

  5. Parkhall Pre-School Ltd

    Somersam Childrens Centre, Parkhall Road, Somersham, PE28 3EU

    Ofsted Registered.

  6. Brambles Childcare

    St Helens School, Colne Road, Bluntisham, PE28 3NY

    Ofsted registered. Accepts Early Years Education Funding.

  7. Ducklings Childcare

    Ofsted Registered. Accepts Early Years Education Funding. Accepts Employer Childcare Vouchers.

  8. Tiddlywinks Pre-School

    Stretham Primary School, Wood Lane, Stretham, CB6 3JN

    Ofsted registered. Accepts Early Years Education Funding.

  9. The Shade Pre-School

    The Shade Primary School, The Shade, Soham, CB7 5DE

    Accepts Early Years Education Funding.

  10. Paintbox

    Growing Places Children's Centre, The Brook, Sutton, CB6 2QQ

    Ofsted registered. Accepts Early Years Education Funding and offers funded places for 2 year olds for eligible families.