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  1. Beechwoods Local Nature Reserve

    Wort's Causeway, Cambridge

    Details on

  2. RSPB Cambridge Members Group

    St Johns Church, Hills Road, Cambridge,

    Social group for anyone interested in birds, wildlife and conservation. Evening meetings with speakers are held from January to May and September to December, field trips to nature reserves are run throughout the year. We also raise money for the

  3. Let's Go Punting

    Landing Stage, Thompsons Lane, Cambridge,

    Let’s Go Punting is a small, independent company offering Top-Rated Cambridge Punting Tours along the College Backs. Punting is ‘the ideal way’ to see the riverside colleges in both comfort & style. Our 45-50 minute return

  4. Isleham Local Nature Reserve

    Isleham, Ely

    The rich grassland is lined either side with hedgerows consisting of species such as field hawthorn, dogwood and wild privet. The site is a disused railway line, closed in the 1960's. Adjacent to the Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is a large field, also

  5. Mare Fen Local Nature Reserve


    This 17 hectare site is a large expanse of permanent pasture lying in the floodplain of the River Great Ouse used for summer grazing for cattle or sheep. Grassland like this was once common in the Ouse Valley, but the reserve is now one of the

  6. 'Wonderfully Made' and 'Stepping Out'

    Wonderfully Made Creative Café is an intentional safe space of real community where anyone can come and just be themselves - aimed particularly at those people struggling with mental health difficulties. Our drop-in 'creative cafe' based at Cafe 121

  7. Kingston and Bourn Old Railway Local Nature Reserve

    Nearest postcode CB23 2TT. Please note that the nature reserve is east of the golf course and this is not the entrance to the nature reserve.

    This small (1.97 hectares) site lies on part of the old Bedford to Cambridge railway line. The reserve is situated adjacent to the B1046 Bourn - Toft road, approximately 1 mile west of Toft. The grassland provides a good habitat for butterflies and

  8. Worts Meadow Local Nature Reserve


    This site is located in the village of Landbeach at the junction of the High Street and Cockfen Lane, on a parcel of land immediately north of Worts Farm. Worts Meadow is a former mediaeval settlement site, with a surviving homestead moat and fish

  9. Somersham Local Nature Reserve

    Station Approach, Somersham, Huntingdon

    Somersham Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is a wonderful example of how nature reclaims places if left alone. This is part of the railway line from Cambridge to March, built in 1848 for the transport of coal and agricultural produce before closing in 1967

  10. Ring's End Local Nature Reserve

    Twenty Foot Road, March

    Ring's End Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is what known as a ‘post-industrial habitat’ where nature has reclaimed a site previously used, in this instance as a railway line. The railway line is part of the route that ran from Cambridge to