Cambridge City Council Grants

There are various grants to voluntary and community organisations available from Cambridge City Council

The council’s Community Grant Fund supports local voluntary and community groups. It is aimed at helping fund projects which tackle social and/or economic inequality among Cambridge residents with the greatest need of support. It also includes    Area Committee grants which are small grants for activities which are residents from one area in the city - North, South, East or West.

Sustainable City Grants are for activities which support Cambridge City Council’s objectives outlined in the Council’s Climate Change Strategy,  maximising benefit to city residents on low income and/or  small and medium sized enterprises (SME)

Homelessness Grants are to reduce the levels of homelessness and rough sleeping in Cambridge

Please go here for information on eligibility, funding priorities and timescales  / deadlines

Please ring 0223 457968 or email for more information

Last updated on: 17/12/2019

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Elaine Shortt

Senior Grants Officer

Tel: 01223 457968