Community Roadwatch

An unpaid volunteer director-run Road Safety, not-for-profit company that seeks to assist residents to address community road safety issues that cannot or are not being effectively addressed by any other methods or schemes.

Opening time notes

The Company can communicate via email at any time and operates it's Bushnell sessions in daylight only.
All Year


The Company has 5 local directors who provide their services and use their £20k's worth of sponsored equipment free of charge to assist Residents Against Traffic Speeding or Shortcutting (RATS) to quantify and address road traffic issues and even identify those creating the problems. The company has no membership.

Facilities and equipment

The company has:  5 Bushnell Radar devices, 3x £3k Bluetooth Speed indicating Devices (SIDs) sponsored by the Big Lottery, Mick George Ltd and the Red Tile Wind Farm and 2x £3k Bluetooth Houston Radar Armadillo Data Loggers sponsored by Mick George Ltd and the Ramsey Wind Farm with associated IT equipment to download and process data from SIDs and Loggers.

  • Cost: All assistance is free
  • Age range: 16 - 75

Last updated on: 24/10/2019

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MD & Coord

Tel: 01480 462587

Mobile: 07713321526