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We are dyslexia specialists and offer dyslexia assessments to investigate causes of learning differences and gain a full understanding of each child's learning strengths, areas of difficulty and educational needs now and in the future.

The assessment takes around three hours including a break and uses an array of assessment tools. It measures key aspects of cognition and the individual's reading fluency, accuracy, efficiency and speed as well as their writing and spelling skills.

The results are collated and analysed after the assessment and a report is produced detailing the findings and the diagnostic outcome, offering personalised recommendations of how best to support the individual’s learning in the future.

A Full Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment not only provides you with clarity and a diagnostic outcome, but you also receive a comprehensive report which...

  • Gives you, your school, and your child's current and future education and work settings an in-depth understanding of their cognitive strengths and current areas of weakness.
  • Offers your child increased self-awareness, helping them to understand the cause of their difficulties, increasing their self-esteem and enabling them to develop strategies to start utilising their strengths to overcome their difficulties.
  • Provides an individualised set of recommendations for you and their school, explaining how to make appropriate adjustments and help the individual overcome their difficulties (again these apply to their current and future education and work settings).
  • The results from the assessment can be used as evidence for exam access arrangements when appropriate.
  • It can also be used as evidence to apply for Disabled Student Allowance at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

The report will last them indefinitely - right through their education and career.

All Year
Full Time
  • Age range: 6 - 99+

Last updated on: 21/10/2022

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Dyslexia Specialist and CEO

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