Emotional support and guidance for children and adolescents through gaming and game design.

MindJam offers online and private help for children suffering with anxiety, stress and social issues; through positivity, learning new skills and play.
Mind jam helps using gaming, coding and game creation, digital music and digital art. These activities are great for relieving stress and anxiety and greatly benefit mental health and intelligence.
I create a safe and happy environment where the child can talk freely about anything that interests them, their fears and loves, problems and goals, all helping through positive, non-judgemental social interaction, tuition and play.
I've been a teacher for over 20 years, I've helped thousands of children to play instruments, game design and code. In these sessions I have gained great experience in being a good listener and mentor to these children and have often helped children gain confidence and overcome obstacles.
I am fully DBS checked, have full safeguarding training and have completed an accredited Counselling Children and Adolescents course. I am also very experienced in working with and helping children with ASD.

I'm proud to work with:
Autism Champions - https://www.autismchampions.co.uk/
Asend - https://asend.co.uk/
Essex County Council - local offer
Notts County Council
Vale Of Glamorgan County Council
Hertfordshire County Council

I'm also a finalist for BAFTA Mentor of the Year 2021

The sessions are 121 online and the aim is to help with confidence, self esteem and anxiety whilst also furthering skills in gaming, game design and coding. Future goals could include becoming trained and certified as a junior programmer in Unity - an industry standard game development platform and helping aim towards further education and employment.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Many thanks
Dan Clark

All Year
Full Time
  • Cost: £20 per session
  • Age range: 7 - 18

Last updated on: 20/07/2021

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